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Brian VEAU

Brian VEAU


Goals: Manage people and interact with MIS and corporate teams. Successfully conduct and complete highly technical IT projects considering all critical, strategic, human and budgetary aspects. Professional Experience: Project management: - Project leading. - Incident management: . New project impact classification and initial support. . Technical and Human investigation, escalation, pro-activity in a production environment. . Resolution and action plan to prevent similar issues. - Budget management: . CAPEX . OPEX . impact of projects evolutions. Telecommunication skills: - networks infrastructure - Telecom infrastructure - System information infrastructure Other skills: - 5 spoken languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Expériences professionnelles

Chief technology officer sea and india


It and business processes director sea and india

Havas Group , Puteaux - CDI

De Juin 2016 à Aujourd'hui

Telecom manager asia pac, china & japan


Depuis le 01 mars 2012

- Responsible from managing a team of 5 people.
- Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of information systems on Network, Telecom, ToIP & Security perimeter.
- Meet with directors & vendors to discuss system requirements, specifications, costs and timelines for projects.
- Develop and implement processes and procedures for operations improvement and development of projects.
- Focus on technology watch through Internet research, vendor meetings to enhance the catalog of service in Louis Vuitton.
- Budget calculation CAPEX/OPEX

Global network & telecom architect, project manager


Depuis le 01 mai 2009

* Manager of a two-person team in the security department. Responsibilities included:
- integration and implementation of processes that manage firewalls, IPSEC equipments
- statistics and indicators on action plans to report to management.

* Implemented VoIP/ToIP Global projet. Responsibilities included:
- analysis of the existing and the proposed scalable solution of a dialing plan
- migration of a dedicated IP Plan to split data from voice on MPLS routing cloud.
- SIP trunk implementation among worldwide regions
- validation and communication
- statistics

* Migrated old telephone system to a new IP based system. Responsibilities included:
- communication and informational meeting with directors
- training users to understand the new ergonomy
- migration planning, developing action plan and validation tests
- daily processes communicated to level 1 hotline.

* Implemented Global DRP of Internet usage. Responsibilities included:
- global DRP outbound: crossover regions to access Internet link
- global DRP inbound: GSLB technology over Internet cloud to access internal network
- global simulation of DRP: communication, retrieval of critical applications, internet link shutdown, validation tests, automation

* Managing global Telecom governance towards all regions. Responsibilities include:
- focus on standards
- follow-up of homogeneous architecture
- validation and pyramidal processes for requests validation between regions.

Network architect project manager.


De Octobre 2007 à Mai 2009

Responsible for implementing a (802.1X) secure wireless architecture in LVNA locations, with technical team management.

Responsible for implementing a secure remote access architecture (Juniper) coupled with Strong Authentication architecture (Entrust) based in the LVNA Datacenter:

- Analysis of the market regarding budget and technology & internal audit of current technology.
- Proof of concept implementation.
- Contract with vendor company, CAPEX and OPEX impact.
- Establishment of scope of work, Coordination of pilot test phase & Roll-out with technical teams.
- Documenting architecture specifications and technical documents for external teams’ involvement.
- Review of weekly supervision reports and potential budget impact.

Responsible for designing a normalized IT architecture for stores and offices.

Responsible for leading implementation of a new supervision tool for Network for pro-activity on programmed alerts and notifications.

New projects proposals

Crm contact agent


De Janvier 2007 à Juin 2007

Contact Agent for 3GPP Release 4 project towards Cegetel Group.

- Customer Relationship management towards Cegetel: audio-conference, meetings, to provide objectives and discussion regarding the project.
- Responsible for analyzing the fault reports received by Cegetel and solving them / sending them to R&D Teams.
- Tracking and reporting the cases to Cegetel Team to discuss on objectives reachability.
- Management of a 5 sub-contact agent team (with different clients)
- Understanding of the IN Network (Core paquet, Core Circuit), NSS / BSS, User plane, Control Plane

Ip core network expert


De Octobre 2004 à Décembre 2006

Expert Core Network Engineer in the Telecommunication/Networks/Voice/Data center.

- Interventions on the groups’s international WAN to deploy ambitious projects:

. MPLS project: migration of the backbone to MPLS without impacting production: Identifying, analysing and following potential risks by using VPN, QoS and Route-Reflectors.
. 10-GigaEthernet: deployment of this brand new technology (Nov 2005) on the WAN Backbone of PSA.
. Load-Balancing project: deployment of Alteon & Cisco technology to allow load balancing over critical and other servers
. Layer-2 operations.

- Modeling in the labs before validating the projects.

- Wireless project: Deployment of a WiFi/wireless transmission to recover experiment measures from a prototype car to a network of users.

Ingénieur d’etudes et développement


De Juillet 2003 à Décembre 2003

Création d’une interface pour l’utilisation d’un multi-touchpad au sein d’une équipe de 4 personnes dans un centre de recherche sur les télécommunications.

* Programmation en C sous forme modulaire.

* Découverte, apprentissage rapide et programmation en OpenGL/Glut

* Prises d’initiatives vis à vis des évolutions du logiciel (Drivers & Interface) pour atteindre les objectifs définis par le cahier des charges.

* Démonstration et proposition du logiciel aux industriels.

Telecommunication engineer

ATR (Japan)

De Juillet 2003 à Décembre 2003

Research and development of an interface for using a multi-touchpad device in a 4 people team in a telecommunication research centre.

- C programming in packages.
- Discovery, fast learning and programming in OpenGL/Glut
- Initiatives taken considering software evolutions(Drivers & Interface) to reach the objectives defined in the charge book.
- Demonstration and proposal of the software to companies in order to commercialize it.

Formations complémentaires


Institut national des Télécommunications - Telco

0000 à Aujourd'hui

Language :

English: read, written, spoken, 13 years of study : FCE Cambridge in 2003 B grade (TOEIC ~830)

Spanish: read, written, spoken, 7 years of study

Japanese: Intermediate level, 3 years of study.

French: native

Master of Science, Telecommunications (Networks, Mobile telephony, HyperFrequency ...), September 2001 – July 2004

Sustained teaching : Signal, Information processing, Networks(LAN, WAN, UMTS,…), Computer skills (C, Java,
UML, Unix, …), Applied mathematics and physics .

-Specialization option : Networks Architecture, Security (Firewall, Routers, VPN,…),

-Optional courses : Management, marketing, Economy.

Lycée Lakanal de Sceaux

0000 à Aujourd'hui


Parcours officiels

Télécom SudParis – Ingénieur Télécom SudParis – 2004


Anglais - Courant

Espagnol - Courant

Portugais - Technique

Japonais - Technique

Centres d'intérêt

  • Culture: Japan
  • Black and White movies
  • literature
  • foreign languages and cultures
  • computers and technology
  • electronic music
  • science fiction. Sports: Baseball
  • swimming
  • fitness.